Vegetarian Recipes

So, for my vegetarian activism project I’ve recently been trying to explore the “Recipes” option on the sites I’ve been researching. I think that this could potentially be a good way to get more people to be open to the idea of vegetarianism and more actively thinking about what they’re putting into their food/bodies. Of the sites that I’ve been attending, I found Happy Cow to be the most helpful. Their recipe section is really easy to find, and everything is sorted out into categories based on stuff like pasta, salad, sandwiches, breakfast, casseroles, etc. There are really quite a few different topics you can delve into. That being said, some of them definitely have a lot more recipes than others. For example “Fat Free” only had one recipe in that section. The recipes are submitted by users and any one can post a recipe to the board. Much like any other recipe website,  it tells prep time, serving size, ingredients, etc. Another cool feature is that each recipe is labeled whether it’s Vegetarian, Vegan, or Raw. I also found it really neat that you can rate recipes on this site also, but instead of stars they get up to 5 “cows”, which is kind of cute. Users can also comment on recipes, but I found that this was quite rare and I wish that they were more active in that sense.
I started browsing their many sections and recipes, to be kind of disappointed because MANY of the recipes call for at least one, if not multiple substitute type of ingredients that not everyone has just laying around their house. I understand that many vegetarians probably have these ingredients around, but for people who are not and may just be trying to eat healthier or try-out being vege for a short period, they probably don’t have them and it’s discouraging to go to the website with that in mind and leave otherwise. Anyway, I eventually found a “Vegan Banana Bread or Muffin” recipe that called for all pretty standard ingredients, although it did have some “optional” ones that I didn’t have. Idecided I would try that one out for breakfast and see how it turns out. I am pretty impressed with this to begin with, because of course banana bread is almost always vegetarian but to make a totally vegan banana bread compared to the one I usually make is quite different and I wouldn’t have been as creative to come up with it. They did come out pretty good, how they were supposed to I think, and really were pretty good too. That being said, it just feels like they don’t compare with my normal banana bread. It really was a pretty eye-opening experience for me though, because it made me more aware to the small things in my life that I could alter in order to be more animal-friendly.


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  1. emilyhawley says:

    I know that you already have sites that you are looking at for recipes, but I have a huge sweet tooth and I adore all things chocolate. If you are interested in trying out healthy, vegan dessert options that are surprisingly simple to make, I would encourage you to check out Chocolate Covered Katie ( Her blog is entertaining and it she updates it very regularly. She has a very dedicated following, and with the advent of Pinterest, her popularity keeps growing. I suggest her most popular dessert recipe, Chocolate Cookie Dough Dip, it’s addicting!

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