Google + Features

So, I’ve been exploring Google + more and there are some really cool features that are offered that are not available on other social networking sites. On the top bar there are the shortcuts that you can go to. These include mail, calendar, documents, photos, sites, web, and more. I have been utilizing the calendar function which is very helpful. With this feature, you are able to put in your schedule and any appointments or special due dates or anything. It is easy to conceptualize because everything is color coded.  For example, each of my classes and everything pertaining to the class are in different colors. I really like having my calendar online and it is very easy to access and use. I can’t wait to keep exploring the features and learning more about them!



One Comment on “Google + Features”

  1. lilyd21 says:

    I dont have a google plus but i agree with you that the calendar aspect would be really helpful. I use my Gmail a lot so i feel like having a social network linked in with your mail and calendar would be a cool thing to have.

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