Hulu vs. Youtube

I spend quiet a bit of time on both of these sites. I find the main difference in terms of how i use these sites is that I visit Y to watch funny clips or find a music video or something, whereas i watch full TV shows on Hulu. I chose to compare to clips for the blog. On Youtube i watched Jennifer Lopez’s new fiat commercials. On Hulu I watched a clip from Fox’s new comedy the New Girl. On both the sites you have the option to ‘like’ the content you are watching. You can also copy the embed code to share a video from either one of the sites. On Youtube you can see how many people have viewed the site but i could not find that on Hulu. I have only had to deal with ads on Youtube when the video is a Vivo video. If i try to watch a full TV show on Hulu, at the beginning of the clip a message pops up allowing you to pick which ad to watch or fill or a survey etc, to avoid further commercials during the show. I think that’s a nice addition that you can pick your ads. I think overall the look of Hulu seems more professional. I definitly rely on it for more legitimate content than YouTube. Both sites add a nice feature of recommending videos to you and I normally always click on them. I like how Hulu shows you an entire episode and season list for the show you are watching and gives you an option between full episodes or clips. Both Youtube and Hulu feel like legitimate sites to me to view or stream content. Sometimes however Youtube can have clips or videos titled certain things and you cannot always trust that they are accurate. I think you can trust Hulu to provide you with the right content though.


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