OMG I’m Getting Married (well… not really)

This London based wedding blog written by Alexis has become an addicting site. Started as a way to catalogue her wedding and share ideas with her parents, it has since morphed into a world famous wedding planning blog.  While her day job is a graphic designer, it is obvious why the blog is so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, something which adds to its addictive nature.

Although I am not planning on getting married anytime soon, there is something about looking at wedding photos/ideas that I love.  While some may assume that I am just passively scrolling through the site, I am actually actively engaged in the blog- thinking about how I could incorporate that idea, copy that look, create that space, etc.

As first discussed this September in lecture, blogs are a web 2.0 element- allowing for all to participate.  The architecture of participation is designed for  contributions from the author, frequent users, and even the average internet surfer. While not requiring a user profile to engage with the site, it is a very opening and welcoming environment to interact within.  However, over the course of the semester I have noticed that while people seem to be very open and comfortable in giving opinions about various posts made by the author, rarely any users (or even the author) respond to each other.  It’s as if each visitor to the blog is in their own little world, and their comments are their internal thoughts.  Given the nature of wedding blogs, I can understand the lack of social interaction and connection among the users- many just visit the site to get ideas for their own weddings, or for pure enjoyment- not to make new friendships and social ties.

Here is a shot of comments left after a post about luxury wedding dresses and reactions to a “real wedding” interview.  As you can see, many users are sharing their thoughts, but there is little connection made between any of them.  The majority of the blog is an asynchronous monologue- both from the author, and the blog visitors. 


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