Hulu vs. YouTube

While both Hulu and YouTube are competitors, fighting to be recognized as the internet’s best website for streaming videos, I’ve never used Hulu before. And, while I have visited YouTube many times, I would not say that I frequent it. YouTube is a great source to look up funny clips about which there circulates a lot of buzz, and it’s also a fantastic outlet for streaming music videos. However, very rarely do I “watch” these videos, as I’m usually simply interested in listening to a particular song that I’ve yet to download.

I suppose a major difference between Hulu and YouTube is that the amount of time spent on YouTube per a single visit is much shorter than a visit to Hulu. Most Hulu users log on to stream TV shows and the like, whereas YouTube users are more likely interested in streaming videos with a 10 minute (or less) duration.

Also, Hulu’s “look” is far more professional than YouTube, and despite the fact that each website sports a white background, Hulu’s overall apparance is cleaner than its rival’s site.


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