Hulu vs YouTube

Unlike most college students I spend relatively no time on either YouTube or Hulu. I primarily use Hulu to watch TV shows that I have missed during the week, and the only time I am ever on YouTube is when a friend or someone has a video that they want to show me.  I really did not know where to even start to even look for videos to compare to complete this assignment either, so I basically focused on the limited elements that I know about each site.

On Hulu I went to the popular clips tab that is located at the bottom of the home screen. I have never used this before because as I mentioned earlier I only use this sites to watch full episodes of my favorite shows. One of the first clips that came up was a song mash up that was done on Glee of two Adele songs, so I decided to watch this. Once on YouTube there was a much greater variety of types of clips that one could chose from (this was the first main difference that I noticed between the two websites). I could chose from music, sports, entertainment, news and politics, and many many more. YouTube offers clips on literally anything and everything that is taking place in everyday life and on literally any topic, while on the other hand Hulu solely focuses on television programming and clips from that. After being overwhelmed on YouTube I decided to view a comedy clip since I feel as if these are the types of clips that so many people actually use YouTube for. I watched a clip of a man on a skateboard trying to do tricks and just falling and having insane wipe outs every time he tried to do a trick. That is when I noticed another difference, even just browsing through the clips. Most of the videos that are on YouTube also seem to be homemade and produced by the every day person and then uploaded onto the site. In this way YouTube is more user friendly as people are free to post whatever they want onto the website.


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