Hula vs. Youtube

I was extremely Unfamiliar with Hula when I first logged on. I think I used to use in Highschool to watch the OC but other than that I do not think I have used it. On the contrary, I use Youtube daily whether it be watching music videos, funny clips, TV shows I have missed etc.

So I went to Hula and was really surprised to figure out that I actually had used the site a lot before but I had forgotten. Last year for my Public Opinion class my group and I had to code hundreds of TV episodes that were current as well as old. I remember being very surprised on how many shows I was able to find and the episodes were almost archived onto the site. So Hula was a great place to find  full episodes of shows listed in order all in one place.

On the other hard, Youtube is my “go to” video site. I just find it to be really fast, its just like google, if you type in even part of the word it knows what video you are searching for. When I Youtube a video it not only brings up the show but it brings up other shows seasons as well as many episodes of the shows. The episodes usually come in any order so thats where Youtube differs with Hula. Overall I just found Hula to be more formal and more reliable when doing research over Youtube.


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