Do You Hulu?

For this blog I chose to compare the exact same music video, first on Hulu, then on Youtube, and then finally on Vevo. The video for this project was LCD Soundsystem’s video for “Someone Great” .

First, I thought Hulu was infuriating due to the excess of commercials. I had to sit through thirty seconds of commercial at the begining and end of a four minute long video. That’s twenty percent of my time learning about some Black Friday bullshit that I couldn’t care less about. On other videos around Hulu, such as the Radiohead documentary “Meeting People Is Easy,” when ever I would move my mouse slightly forward in the video or if I wanted to go back and watch a part I already had, I would get slammed with another commercial. The quality of the video’s picture and sound was very crisp though, which was Hulu’s strongest point.

Secondly I looked at “Someone Great” on Youtube. No commercials past the little one I had to X at the bottom of the video. Nothing popped up when I would move around from part of the video to the other. The quality of sound and image was lower, but not that much lower. Something I personally would sacrifice in order for some peace from the ever present commercial. A bridge between the two was Vevo, which came up as well through my search on YouTube. The quality of image and picture was almost that of Hulu and it contained a commercial which I was allowed to skip after suffering for a couple seconds.

Personally, I’ll sacrifice quality of image in sound and go with as little commercials as I possibly can. What YouTube has going for it as well was the fact that it seemed so much democratic, less plutocratic. Not just anyone is allowed to post on Hulu, only those with some dough – meaning a higher likely hood that physical qualities of the video would be higher due to the fact that it cost some money to do. But what’s great about YouTube is that it allows anyone to post what ever they want, in what ever quality they want. YouTube also contains it’s own answer to “Hulu,” Vevo, which is still open for high quality uploads as well as less commercials, abet some. I think I’m sticking with the ‘Tube.

-Peter Charles Allen


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