YouTube v. Hulu

I usually don’t use Hulu. YouTube is my preferred form of viewing funny stuff on the internet. But for this blog post, I guess I can give Hulu a try.

So I signed into YouTube, went straight to “my favorites” playlist, and watched a few Family Guy clips. These clips are at most 30 seconds in length and entail about 1 or 2 gags. When I watch clips on YouTube, I also love to look at the comments. Sometimes the comments have nothing to do with the clip which can make them all the more funny or totally stupid which is another reason why I LOVE YouTube.

Next I went to Hulu to view any Family  Guy content. To my surprise, there were many FULL episodes (20-22 minutes in length) of the latest seasons. I watched an episode, and about half way through I was required to watch an ad (which I promptly muted of course). For me, this ad isn’t all that bad because I know it’s the reason why this episode and many other shows on Hulu are free. One of the few times I will say WIN for advertising.

Overall, I’d say Hulu is a more “formal” way of viewing television or clips of media. On Hulu, full episodes are often available which encourages viewers to be more consistent and steady in their viewing habits.  YouTube on the other hand pushes for “snack television,” the idea that viewers can watch many short clips of entertainment, often from different shows or user generated content. Although YouTube is still my preferred mode of viewing media, Hulu  is just as good of a source of entertainment.


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