YouTube & Hulu

For this assignment, I first watched a YouTube clip called “SNL Kim Kardashian Fairtytale Wedding Divorce Parody in HD.” I knew I wanted to watch this clip so I searched for it, and there were several results. The first one I clicked on said that “this video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it on copyright grounds,” which is extremely prevalent to what we’ve been discussing because it is a clear example of copyright violation. The next clip I tried was too blurry for me to watch, so I finally came across this one. It was obvious that all of the clips with this type of content were videotaped from people’s TVs and then posted to YouTube, without copyright consent. The particular clip I watched had 13,433 hits, but the other similar clips had thousands or tens of thousands hits as well, which shows that these pirated clips still make their way to many, many people.

I then went to watch a clip on Hulu. I was going to watch the same clip that I watched on YouTube, but I like how Hulu has a much more sleek and simple set-up that displays a few ‘Recent Episodes’ and ‘Popular Clips.’ So I clicked on ‘Popular Clips’ and decided to watch the “SNL: Jason Segel and Muppets Monologue.” A 30 second advertisment for the Value City pre-Thanksgiving sale immediately started playing, which was annoying, but it’s better than a 3 minute commercial on live TV. After it was over, the crystal clear monologue clip started and you could tell that it wasn’t pirated from TV. The NBC logo was featured next to the title and info of the clip, so it was apparent that Hulu has copyrighted content from NBC.

I definitely liked watching the clip from the original source on Hulu much better than a pirated clip on YouTube. I also feel like YouTube is much more cluttered than Hulu. Hulu nicely organizes its content and even has tabs so that you can choose to read comments/reviews of the clip only if you want to. Also, I know that when YouTube has copyright consent on it’s videos (i.e. certain music videos), it also shows a 30 second advertisment; but since most of the content on YouTube gets posted without copyright consent, the viewer is able to avoid the ads which is obviously appealing. Overall, I think that YouTube is convenient for looking at quick and funny clips and/or music, but Hulu is better for clips from TV shows (not to mention you can watch entire episodes).




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