The Man vs The People

Before this assignment, I had never used Hulu in my life. I had known the basics about it, but never had a reason to use it. The Show I ended up watching was a new episode of The Simpsons entitled “The Food Wife” (It was actually a pretty funny episode, confirming the rumor that the show is getting back to being good).  Along with the show I was “treated” to ads for beer, cars, and a extremely bad looking new sitcom.  I think the episode was interrupted 3 or 4 times, with the terrible looking new series making up a majority of the commercials. The image quality was great and the video ran smoothly.

On YouTube, I couldn’t find an entire episode of The Simpsons. Instead, all I could find were memorable clips from the show people had recorded and put up. The audio and video quality were low, and the clips seemed haphazardly put together with no rhyme or reason. Other then those, there were also a few “commentary” clips where a person talks about some aspect of an episode. To be more specific, some dude named Davis Fleetwood was talking about the Katy Perry episode. While he gives a good description and his pronunciation is great, I felt the content of his video made little sense (Here’s a link, if you’d like to judge for yourself. I’ve never seen him before, maybe that’s his schtick or something).

So what was the fundamental difference between these two experiences? Well, Hulu is obviously more official. The content is official and the quality is good. The drawback is the number of ads and the fact you must pay if you want access to all of the content Hulu has. YouTube is a more “by the people” with users putting up unofficial copies of the content or commenting on it. If there are entire episodes of The Simpsons, they’re hard to find and even the clips get taken down fairly regularly. The quality isn’t as good as Hulu but there are much less commercial interruptions (though there are occasionally adds before the videos). Both websites give the content to the community, just in different ways.


One Comment on “The Man vs The People”

  1. stankypete says:

    I watched the Simpson’s for the first time in years also. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Youtube for the Simpson’s has always be difficult, even to find the little one liners you want. I remember spending half an hour trying to find a classic Milhouse line “Bart, come quick! Lisa’s hanging with some cool kids. And she’s dressed like Blossum!” I eventually stumbled upon a site that has only sound clips. It worked for making my joke, but damn it was annoying. Good luck ever finding any copyrighted material without being barraged with adds after SOPA passes…

    Also –>

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