Hulu Vs. YouTube

I use Hulu and YouTube all of the time. I never watch TV on the actual TV, I just watch the episodes I miss on Hulu. The main screen for Hulu always has suggestions of what to watch like recent episodes, popular clips, and featured content. Hulu also always makes sure that you are aware that you can upgrade to Hulu + for a fee. Some of the episodes are locked for only Hulu + members. Channels like Fox, don’t allow users of Hulu to view recent episodes for 7 days after they air. Luckily for me, the channel that Happy Endings is on does not do this. The episodes always begin with advertisements and have ads throughout the show. After the show is over, another episode begins playing that is either of the same show or a show similar. Hula is strictly for TV shows and movies.

I also frequently use YouTube. I usually watch viral videos or listen to music. For example, last night, my roommate showed me the video “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” This video has over 13,000,000 views which is incredible as it is clearly not professionally made. YouTube offers a space for “produsers” to put up their own content. It also seems to be a more interactive site as both remix videos and comments provide a way for users to interact and respond to each other. I also noticed that some videos have advertisements and some do not, like the Marcel video. It seems like the higher quality videos, like music videos that YouTube has been putting up are more likely to have advertisements.



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