YouTube vs. Hulu

Both YouTube and Hulu have clips on their homepages for viewers to watch. The YouTube homepage lists clips that are “Recommended for Me,” “Most Viewed,” and “Top Favorited,” just to name a few. The Hulu clips are “Recent Episodes,” “Popular Clips,” and “Featured Content.” I decided to choose one clip to watch from the “Most Viewed” on YouTube and the “Popular Clips” from Hulu.


The clip I watched on YouTube is called “Goosing!-Raw William Johnson Video.” Before I could view the video, I had to watch a Minute Made advertisement. The video features Ray William Johnson as he talks about different videos that have been on YouTube and other social features. It is 5 minutes and 16 seconds long and has been viewed 2,511,820 times; I, however, had not been one of the viewers, until now. It is clearly a very popular video with almost 40,000 likes and 5,000 dislikes. People are clearly interacting with the content. The website allows me to like and dislike the content, add the video to favorites or play list, share, flag, and comment. I need to have a login to do most of these activities. I am comfortable with YouTube’s layout and all of the features that the website offers.


YouTube clip:


Most of Hulu’s most popular clips were from “Saturday Night Live.” I decided to watch the first one “Saturday Night Live: Kissing Family Thanksgiving.” The clip, featuring Jason Segal and Paul Rudd, is a 5 minute and 20 second clip about how affectionate a family is during Thanksgiving. Similarly to the first video I watched, there was an advertisement. However, the differences were brought to my attention right from the beginning. The website does not list how many people view the videos and instead of having the comments directly underneath the video, there are tabs for reviews, discussions and tags. Hulu seems less casual and more organized than YouTube. I had more trouble with Hulu because I have never really used the website.


Hulu Clip:


I would choose to use YouTube over Hulu to view content


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