Youtube and Hulu Videos

I watched an excerpt from Saturday Night Live named Jason Segel and Muppets monologue. It is 6 minutes and 35 seconds long. Once on this video you have the option to post this to facebook. . Towards the bottom of the page you also have the choice to share it through any different social networking sites. On the page of the video, there are 4 different information options. There is the main option, which describes the shows availability. You can view reviews, discussion and tags for this clip. This video was not ranked. It has some other recommendations of SNL clips and TV shows for me to see at the bottom of the page. This episode was with Jason Segel and the whole muppet cast. There is a song about how the muppets and Jason Segel are hosting SNL. They go on joking about them hosting SNL. They stir up laughter in the audience. It is designed to entertain people.


The youtube video I watched the video of Sophie Grace Brownlee sings ‘Super Bass’ with Nicki Minaj. It is 1 minute and 23 seconds. This 8 year old girl sings with her idol on the Ellen Show. This youtube video has 1,888,026 hits and was only uploaded on October 13th, 2011. On this youtube page, it also has the option share this video through social networking sites like Hulu. This site gives you the option to dislike the clip or like it. Youtube does not have a paid version option as well like hulu does. This episode was funny just like the hulu one but they were different clips from different television shows.


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