The Co-Existence of Youtube and Hulu

Youtube and Hulu have very similar ideas and goals, but are quite different in their modes of execution. Both entertainment sites aim to display videos to the audience as well as maintaining and increasing viewership. However, the two website go about this in two very different ways. Youtube was founded two years prior to Hulu and is a more amateur website  governed and used by “produsers,” meaning the content on Youtube is mainly posted by other users. Hulu, on the other hand, is a joint venture between a combination of television broadcasters; one can use it to watch episodes, webisodes, trailers, and behind-the-scenes footage that would not necessarily be able to be available on Youtube because of its time restrictions, original sources, and licensing. The content on each site reflects each one’s respective structure.

Each site runs a little differently according to their models of function. For example, on Hulu, some of the streaming video available requires an active account. For some premium material, viewers need a monetarily based subscription. In my personal opinion, Hulu makes these upgraded H+ videos similar to Netflix. Making an account on Youtube is completely optional, but it also has more benefits. Youtube will track viewers history and suggest other videos they make like. Users can also create playlists and “favorite” videos on Youtube.

I tried to watch Saturday Night Live on both websites and came up with two very different search results. On Youtube, I got many different clips, mostly highlights of different popular skits throughout the years and many were filmed by people watching SNL on TV and later posted online. There were also a lot of imitations and remixed videos as well. Hulu gave me the most recent episodes o SNL, as well as recent and the most popular clips.

The content available on each website is suitable for the respective sites themselves, but I think of Hulu as having a more specific audience base, who frequents the site for a specific purpose, whereas users often just peruse Youtube and surf from video to video when similar options pop up after the original has finished.

Because of these reasons, I don’t think the debate between Youtube or Hulu has to be mutually exclusive. They can and should co-exist.


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