Hulu and Youtube (and VEVO?)

So I didn’t know what to watch and which part of both websites to compare.
I basically clicked the first video on the Popular Clip Section of

It was Glee: Adele Mashup clip.

It basically starts with “this video is brought to you by___the sponsor___”

It was definitely high resolution video clip. The legitimate one, definitely. Without a doubt, we all know that videos we watch on are from actual broadcasters and producers of the content. So there’s no  fake videos, stupid ads on some random stuff, someone’s promotion videos and so on.

You can get precise information about the show as well. FOX,  Except for Season 3, Episode 6. You can rate the video but can’t comment on it.  The interesting thing was when this clip was over, it automatically shifted to other Glee videos. It seemed to showcase other features of the show.

Then I went onto YouTube to see the same video. It wasn’t on the first page of the website. So I had to search for it. 

The recommended video is one uploaded by MusicfromgleeVEVO. I checked other ones but they were just audio only with a screen capture shot. But I could get other related videos on this Glee Mashup, news clips, people’s cover version and parodies. Other video clips of Glee Mashup might have been deleted by Youtube. VEVO/Youtube version of the video’s quality was good too. People can rate the video and comment on it.Since we know that VEVO is another company tries to provide legitimate videos to the viewers, I had no doubt that this video was the right one.

VEVO videos are available on Youtube. Hulu videos are only available on VEVO videos are mainly based on music videos and Hulu videos are exclusively TV programs or Movies. But in a case like this, Glee music video but from Glee TV show. Where does it belong? Who should be the main provider to such videos like this?


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