Cobra Cat vs. Occupy Wall Street

So for my two videos I just went to Youtube and Hulu’s homepage’s and picked a random video, after the first one I tried to get a second one that was around the same length. From Youtube I chose COBRA CAT- Ray William Johnson video (, and from Hulu I got Occupy Wall Street divided(
Both videos were definitely ‘humorous’ or trying to be humorous in some way, whether that’s how the viewer perceived them or not is a different story since they’re both a very unique type of humor that I don’t think everyone would appreciate. Both videos also draw upon other significant parts of society right now–whether talking about some of the most popular youtube videos or a growing social movement.
That being said, definitely not the same kind of video. Cobra Cat was relatively unprofessionally produced and involved a lot of stuff going over the top of the video, like captions, arrows, social media logos, etc. It basically just drew off of other videos and was an annoying commentary. The OWS was a clip from the Daily Show which is obviously a lot more legitimate source. The ‘commentator’ here was just briefly at the beginning and end, where as the rest of the clip was hands on, real life interviewing people from OWS by a different reporter. Another thing I noticed was that this clip had a commercial at the beginning, and (surprisingly to me) the youtube one didn’t.


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