Yarr Maties, I be a Pirate!

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a pirate ever since I was a wee babe. It’s not like I dressed up as Jack Sparrow and have bad teeth – but I’ve been breaking Copyright laws since I made my first mix tape in elementary school. I’ve been outright copying both my sister’s and my father’s expansive collections of CDs to tape and to other CDs for a very long time. Since I was old enough to figure it out, I’ve been making mix tapes just like my father did to share music with his radio DJ buds using good old-fashioned analog hi-bias tapes. (I still listen to some of my Dad’s old tapes in the shower every morning before heading to school.)

I think I first became aware that what I was doing was possibly illegal by the time I reached middle school when a teacher brought up the illegalities of Kazaa, a popular downloading web site my fellow students were fond of. But being the little rebel I was, I stuck to making my mix tapes and ripping complete CDs from friends and family. I felt it silly for anyone to complain to me about it, since I was blowing all my allowance at the record store already, so I felt justified. I distinctly remember the night before my sister left for college across the country sitting at the computer all night ripping CD after CD after CD – I was literally ripping CDs up until the moment I had to take her to the airport.

Moving on to high school and college, I eventually got an invite to a torrent website called What.cd, which is invite only and a super high quality site for such matters – none of that virus infested Kazaa crap. I continue to occasionally torrent until this day – feeling justified due to the thousands upon thousands of dollars I’ve spent and keep spending at record stores and inside the music world in general.

Fair winds and godspeed ya scurvy dogs!

-Peter Charles


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