Copyrights & Regulations online

Before this course, I did pay attention to copyrights, laws, regulations, etc. somewhat.  I didnt realize there were so many options of a copyright law, and how complex everything is.  I now understand why Patent Lawyers are so successful!

Academically, copyright infringement scares me, and I always make sure I site my work, and quote authors correctly. However, outside of school, I am sure I have broken some laws.  Something as simple as posting a fact on facebook about an article I read probably violates multiple copyrights.  While I don’t do any illegal downloads in fear of getting a virus, I did engage in illegal online activity while studying abroad.

Hulu, and major network websites (ABC, NBC, etc.) do not work abroad, and I was dying from not watching “my shows”.  Everyone in my program used a website to watch movies still in theaters, as well as recent TV shows.  While the website has a disclaimer at the bottom stating that the site is not illegal, it does provide links and access to other sites that have the pirated movies and TV shows.

I honestly feel that it is almost impossible to maintain copyrights and regulate what people download online due to the open and vast structures of the internet.


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