Geeky Copyright Infringment

My copyright infringing origins start way back when I was in elementary school downloading emulators for the 90’s generation video game systems (Sega, SNES, Gameboy). I did this for the most part in order to play roms for games not released or readily available in America. These games include Japanese games such as a DBZ fighter (A show I loved growing up), a Ramna 1/2 RPG (that kind of sucked), and even Pokemon Gold before it was released in the US. All of these roms included fan translation that must have taken forever to complete. I stopped downloading these roms about midway through middle school, due in large part to the amount of viruses they contained, but still hold the same philosophy for copyright infringing: If it is not available to purchase in the US, I feel justified in downloading it off the internet. Nowadays I typical do this with Anime that is playing on the air in Japan but which won’t be available in the states for years (if ever). I have watched foreign films not available anywhere else (like Park Chan-Wook’s “I’m a cyborg, but that’s ok” before it was released by Tartan), and I’ve read manga scans as well. In each case, the content has been translated by fans astonishingly fast and well. Of course, there are exceptions to that, but still, if fans are willing to go to such great lengths to make material available for the public, I think it should be.

As for cyber piracy in general, eh. I don’t feel it will ever entirely ruin the market, so I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other. If I like a work, I’ll typically purchase it in order to show my support.

As a side note, I thought this Futurama spoof of the anti piracy ad was slightly funny, and perhaps you will as well. (If the link doesn’t work, it’s only because I’m technologically challenged. I apologize for this.)


One Comment on “Geeky Copyright Infringment”

  1. stankypete says:

    Woah, you landed Yellow before anyone? My kid self is so jealous of you. Hell, I’m jealous still. Well whatever your opinion on the matter, it seems that the Stop Online Piracy Act is highly likely to pass. So it might be harder to snag anything from across the pond early.

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