Copyright laws have always been a very unknown territory for me. I am unaware of many of the issues but I have heard many stories of people getting letters or notices about their illegal streaming use. I, on the other hand, have made an effort to stay away from illegal downloads for numerous reasons. I once used Limewire or Mojo. I know Limewire is illegal but I am not even sure if Mojo is. But, both drastically slowed down my computer so I deleted them and have not installed them since. If I want to watch a television show that I missed, I usually will watch it on the networks own website because it is usually better quality. I will once and a while use sites that post TV shows and movies but I am not sure if those are illegal or breaking copyright issues. In my mind, they are unethical, but are they illegal? When it comes to my schoolwork, I always cite the work I use. It is so simple and quick to add parenthetical citations and a bibliography page that it is not worth consequences of plagiarism. The only copyright issues I am fully aware of and understand are the ones that apply to my schoolwork and scholarly works. I hope to learn more about the issues of copyright in streaming television shows and watching movies on websites.


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