Copyright Protected Content….and stuff

Am I up to date on copyright laws? Mostly. Am I also aware of the implications when one breaks such laws? Yes. The only reason I know anything about copyright laws is because once you knows the laws, bending them or finding work-arounds becomes much easier. I actively participate in the BitTorrent community, also known as file sharing  (I’ll spare you all the details), and being up to date on copyright laws can help keep me stay a step ahead of the feds.

I remember a time when individual file sharers were being tracked down and penalized hundreds of thousands of dollars per song or movie. But most of these people who were getting caught had their “illegal documents” on a shared folder or network that was easily accessible from the outside world, or the FBI. It was from this moment on I made sure I was informed on copyright laws and how the authorities tracked people. If you know how to protect yourself, the FBI shouldn’t be a problem. Again, I’ll spare you all the details on my strategies.

Recently, I don’t do as much illegal downloading of copyrighted material. I only download something if I absolutely need it. I also had a scare with Charter concerning “illegal activity” on my network. A while ago, I got an email from Charter saying they saw download activity of “The Tourist,” that terrible Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie movie that was in theaters when this happened. I honestly was not downloading that movie, but at that moment I knew I had been hacked. Someone must have gained access to my wireless router and downloaded it. Shortly after this, I got another email from Charter that said they had evidence of me downloading “Super Mario Galaxy for Wii.” At the time, I didn’t even own a Wii, so I called Charter and explained everything to them. Charter excused me of any problems after I denied all of their charges by calling their “I’ve been hacked hotline.”

After Danny talked about Internet service providers working on a “6 strike” system for infringement, I wondered if I got 2 of my strikes in my ordeal. I also wonder if strikes carry over from one service provider to another.

I leave you all with an image. Please comment if you know what this is (I know some of you do!):


2 Comments on “Copyright Protected Content….and stuff”

  1. joegoad says:

    I don’t know much about the organization, but isn’t that the meme used by the group of elite hackers known as lulzsec? They do pranks and stuff and are sort of associated with the more vague group of internet users known as anonymous (who uses a number of different memes, though typically the Guy Fawkes mask). Yeah, that’s about all I know…

  2. kaylandietz says:

    totally not saying that you were downloading those things, but it’s sort of funny how easily you could potentially get away with that sort of thing by making up a story like that if it did happen to you. my boyfriend was telling me the other day about how one of his teachers was saying he got a warning a long time ago and he told whatever company that he bought the dvd and just wanted a copy on his computer and they didn’t do anything to him. i found it really hard to believe they let people go that easily but at the same time, i dont think it’s worth it for them to fight things like that.

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