Content and Copyrights

I really do not pay attention to copyrights on the Internet unless I am doing something school related. Obviously when writing a research paper you have to check sources and make sure that you are allowed to have access or draw information from a certain website because you could get in trouble with plagiarism if you don’t. Other than school related things I do not pay attention to copyrights. However, my roommate last year was obsessed with the Oscars and before the Oscars she wanted to illegally download all of the movies nominated for best film. Days later a cease and desist letter came to our apartment from Paramount, so this was a huge awakening for her to stop illegally downloading. Another scenario that comes to mind is my use of Limewire. Before my Limewire stopped working the home page had a huge message on it that stated, “as of ___,2010 this site is no longer in service and is illegal…” basically stressing that it was illegal to use. Even though it said that I still used it daily and never thought twice about it. These are just a few of my experiences with copyrights and for the most part they were just ignored. 


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