Content and Copyright

I honestly dont pay a whole lot of attention to copyright laws on the internet. The most prominent place i see the issue of copyrighting and illegal content is through downloading music. There are times where i pay attention and try to not illegally download music, however I do have to admit that I do tend to illegally download music a lot. I try to buy from iTunes but its expensive! If i try to download music off youtube there are sometimes copyright issues that block the video from youtube. This is the only times the laws are directly in my face and  I take notice to them. I appreciate record labels who prevent this type of illegal downloading even though I do do it myself. I still tend to feel pretty guilty about it. I never really think about content regulation in terms of anything else I do on the Internet. I do use ‘fair use’ a lot because I tend to research online and quote for differnet papers I need to write in my classes. In terms of TV i tend to illegally watch programming when i miss it on live TV. I think i feel worse about downloading music illegally than watching TV on a website. I guess because you can stream TV shows, opposed to download the show which makes a differnece in my mind at least. Overall i try to respect the copyright laws in terms of the way i use the internet but i do find it a challenge to always take notice.


One Comment on “Content and Copyright”

  1. margiepapa says:

    I think the “fair use” policy when it comes to music is really interesting. When I had my internship at WCCO Radio, we would overlay audio on music tracks. A lot of the time I had to find songs that were over 100 years old because then they are considered fair game. The 100 year timeline was pretty arbitrary, though.

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