After lecture today and thinking about it, I really never pay any attention to copyright or other types of regulations online. I spend most of my time online either doing work for school, checking and sending e-mails, or procrastinating on social networking sites and I never really considered what regulations that these different websites might entail. I guess I always just assumed that as long as I was citing my sources that what I used for my school work really did not have to worry about copyright infringements. And this lecture today kind of proved my thinking correct when Danny talked about how different school work and using resources for research and school related activities were not subject to copyright and strict regulations. I guess since our generation grew up with the internet it is kind of just more a known fact what one can or cannot do and don’t pay attention as much to different regulations that we may suppose to be following. I don’t know if this is completely related, but when thinking if  I pay attention to regulations online I immediately thought of when you try and do something on a website and there are the terms of agreements and than boxes to check if you agree or do not agree with the terms. I don’ think that I have ever read these, but at the same time I always check that I agree to them. Overall though, it became very obvious to me that I never have payed any attention to regulations online and it might be in my best interest to give them a little bit more thought.


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