When I view content online I honestly don’t pay much attention to copyright laws or other regulations. I simply don’t make a conscious effort to always adhere to copyrights, especially since there seems to be so many ways around them. I occasionally watch TV shows and movies online, but I usually watch them on Netflix or their respective cable network sites, which have the proper copyright over that content. My friends have showed me several websites where I can illegally download full seasons or episodes of virtually any TV show or movies, but I just don’t feel compelled to do so. Which is in part because I don’t trust weird third party websites and all the pop-ups that come with them. However, I do sometimes download music illegally through certain sites because, let’s face it, free music is more appealing. In terms of other content online, I never realized that every time we use something–whether opening a link or clicking something–it makes a copy. I also never think about the copyright of images/pictures that I use from Google and other websites.


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