Copyrights and Regulations

The internet has truly changed a lot for me. I watch TV shows off network websites occasionally when I miss a show on Tivo. I tend to download movies about twice a month through iTunes, especially right before I go on a long plane ride. I download my music form iTunes and music blogs; however, I do not usually pay attention to copyrights or other regulations. I do not illegally download music through Limewire or places like that by choice. I download it either from iTunes or a music blog, whose music is not usually on iTunes. Although I do not pay attention to the copyright law, I choose not to download anything illegally. I think this is due to my upbringing and that fact that my family is in the entertainment business and is really against it. My friends on the other hand, do download things illegally; this does not bother me at all. I chose to download my stuff the way I want to and they chose to download their stuff they way they want to. I do believe it is more right to purchase music, movies or tv shows, but in today’s time a lot of people just do not have enough funding to spend it on items like that. 


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