Foursquare and Privacy

We have learned in class that there are many discourses around Foursquare for creating privacy safety hazard.
As we have discussed in our section last week, there are multiple ways to have control over our privacy on the internet.

So for Foursquare, this it how I tried to keep things less annoyingly or dangerously public.

I am well aware of the fact that things I put on the Internet is going to be public no matter what. It’s not going to be publicized but it is going to be public.

So when I am at a bar and I don’t want some of my friends or acquaintance know where I am at, I simply do not check-in. Since my Foursquare check-ins go up on my Facebook profile, I know there are much more people than my Foursquare friends can see my where abouts.

I like to check-in with pictures of the place or food of the restaurant, books at libraries etc. Sometimes, however, I don’t post pictures with my check-ins because pictures give more accurate description of my activities.

Also, my Foursquare profile picture is not a picture of myself but a picture of my bike. Other Foursquare users may know I am a biker, but can’t know what I look like.

Foursquare Inc. tries to raise awareness of importance of privacy and ways to control it. It could seem like they are trying to avoid blames but also they are trying to provide us with better information on Privacy and Foursquare. Their privacy guidelines tell us how to keep things controlled on the internet world.



One Comment on “Foursquare and Privacy”

  1. Eddie Rath says:

    Nice post Jun. I’m not a foursquare user, precisely because of the privacy concerns that you address here. Mostly, I’m concerned with the “annoyingly public” presence I would have on foursquare, as you so perfectly phrase. I’m wondering how often you check in somewhere and meet someone you know. I would be afraid that I would run into someone I don’t want to see somewhere.

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