How much do I pay attention to Copyright?

To be honest, I torrented movies, music, books till I got into college.

I didn’t appreciate or didn’t know how to appreciate intellectual property and artistic creation when I was little.

It wasn’t UWnet’s policing over people’s downloading files. As more I study and build my academics through others’ intellectual property, create films and videos, and wrote papers and others, I came to have  sincere realization that copyrights need to be protected.

I am not trying to blame my former education or my parent’s lack of awareness in the capacity of the internet sharing. But I do think if there has been proper education on content use on the Internet, I could have been guided better. Since I was in the generation of thriving of the Internet, people, experts, parents and educators were still searching and learning the Internet, including content sharing of the Internet. My middle school (Korea) and high school (US) education never really stated the importance of copyright and why I have to protect it. (My high school  was ranked #15 public school in the nation but never taught us on the internet use.) I had to take moral courses like moral conduct and moral philosophy, but never had learned about the internet use ethics.

Now I use pay per view to watch a movie on the internet, download music from itunes.

For me, it would be just saving a couple dollars. However for the creators and producers of the content, having thousands of users like me can hurt them badly with big financial damage, which can lead to underdevelopment of future creation.

I see 6-year-old girl I baby-sit for time to time knowing how to illegally download movies… what can be done to guide following generation like her and us who always face the temptation to torrent content?



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