Copyrights and Regulations

I have really mixed feelings about copyright and other online regulations. I know a lot of people and some of my roommates that download and illegal stuff quite a lot and although I don’t do it, I don’t have a huge problem with it. I know that a lot of the industry is just profiting wayyy more than they realistically should be because they know people want it. And also after class on Thursday I have been thinking a lot about how what offline is ‘sharing’ online is illegal… it’s really true and makes me think about why online regulations are considered what they are. I wish that our society didn’t thrive so much just on making profits. I know that often times it’s not the artists that make these rules, or even make the profits that come from the rules, it is corporations.
Aside from that I actually do try to pay attention to the content that I view online. I often notice things that are “illegal” in legal terms, but make their way across youtube or whatever aspect of the internet it may be. Although these laws and regulations are in place they certainly aren’t always followed. What bothers me more  than people downloading illegal content is other people/artists that get some sort of an advantage by using some form of other artists’ content to their own advantage. I don’t think that is fair because it’s completely unoriginal and really disrespectful to the original artist.


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