Too Many Peter’s On The Dance Floor

It had been a while since I took a look at what was popping up after my name had been punched into the ever omnipresent Google. Here’s what I found…

First off, I typed just my first and last name, Peter Allen. This ended up leading to more or less what I figured would turn up. I found this rather colorful man.  You don’t get Hugh Jackman to star in a Tony winning musical about you if you weren’t somebody noteworthy. Catchy tune don’t ya think? Elton John and Liberace have nothing on this boy’s maracas in my humble opinion, (I wonder why he ended up divorced to Liza Minnelli – ha!) It’s really sad he had a tragic end during the eighties AIDS epidemic. I think I’ve finally come to peace with the “Boy from Oz,” even if he is an Australian. I wonder what the world would be like if he were here today…

Upon searching Google with my middle name included, Peter Charles Allen – three first names, pretty cool, eh? – I  found a lot more stuff that was reflective of who I am. First up was my music myspace that I haven’t updated in about two years – good to see my tunes still sound fine. Second was a Wiki of some old (English) footballer who didn’t much more than show up to a lot of games. Then come both my personal Facebook and my Twitter accounts. Next I found some listings of an old show I played with James Apollo & Conrad Plymouth, who are both fine songwriters worth checking out. Next came my listing at WSUM 91.7 FM for my Live Band Coordinator position at the radiostation with an incorrect e-mail (gotta go fix that tonight.) Digging deeper, I stumbled on an article I had written for Emmie Magazine about my trip to Primavera Sound Music Festival as well as my Bandcamp site.

All in all, guess I’m gonna have to run with the three first names if I want people to find my music easier. There’s no competing with one of the most fabulous and flamboyant personalities ever to come from south of the Equator.

-Peter Charles Allen, signing out.


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