My Google Image

Nervous for what I would find, I googled myself with the anticipation of actually finding information about myself. I know I’m visible online because of various student organization pages and other activities, but I also have a pretty uncommon name; so, there probably would not be too many other results for a “Margie Papa” other than myself. To my surprise, there were 4,450,000 results and while most of them were me, there are several other Margie Papas in the world.

The first two things that came up were a Facebook account, surprisingly not mine. After that, my Google+ account came up third. This irritated me because I tried making myself unsearchable multiple times on that website, but as we know, Google is pretty persistent. It even says that “I shared this.” No. I definitely did not. My twitter account popped up next and then my LinkedIn account, followed by another LinkedIn account that is not mine as well as my followers/people I follow’s twitter accounts.

The next few results are humorous: random episodes of an old television show called “My Little Margie,” a common nickname in my childhood.

I then found what I expected to see. As the Executive Director of Promotions and Sales for Mu Kappa Tau Honorary Marketing Society, the MKT page came up on the first page of results, which I was elated to see as I helped create it last year. You could access my picture, my position description and a short biography.

After three more pages of “My Little Margie” reruns, my results from previous figure skating competition scoring and ranking came up in the results, which I was expecting. But RootsWeb also came back, a website to trace one’s heritage. My family is from Italy, so while I was surprised to see someone has been tracing my roots, I’m not all that surprised.

It is definitely creepy and almost annoying how much information Google has about you; I was surprised to not see this blog!


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