Googling Myself

I honestly thought I wouldn’t appear on google search results because I try to keep my Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites on “lock down”. However, I did show up on google search. The third hit was from white pages, and thank goodness it only listed the city I live in. The 5th hit though makes me really nervous actually.
I serve as secretary for the UW Madison College Republicans, and I had no idea that I was on the website, let alone showing up on google’s search.
Its sad that I am so worried about something like this, but given the political climate in madison, and also the nation, I don’t like that the public is made aware.
I suppose I should find out who is in charge of this website, and perhaps do some editing!
Also, to my surprise there are apparently 245,000 “Anne Sickels”, something which surprised me because I feel that I have an uncommon last name.


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