Wait, I’m on youtube?

Ok, so like many of you,when I googled myself I fully expected to find no real information on myself. And when I googled “Joe Goad”, that was largely true. Google kept on trying to correct my search by adding Tattoo artist, which I am not. There was a facebook page, but it wasn’t mine. So far, so good. I went through a few pages without finding a trace of myself (mostly it was others with my name that popped up) until I saw a link for peekyou, which is apparently a service that takes every other service like facebook and twitter and gives all the Joe Goads on them. This is false advertising, as my beautiful visage did not show up.

So I got bored looking at google’s web search and decided to try its image search. Sure enough, a very small version of my facebook profile pick came up. Not really a big deal, since I knew putting a pic on facebook meant it was now in cyberspace ready to be backtraced straight to me. Other then that, again, nothing else of me came up. Most of the dudes named Joe Goad look like convicts and I guess there are some girls named Joe Goad as well. After a very short while, the search seems to filter out the Goad and pics of Joe Pesci and Joe Jonas came up.

I then decided to try the video search. The first video to come up was of a guy who looked a little like me. I thought “Hey, that’s odd, I bet he’ll look nothing like me when I click on the video”. Turns out,  It freaking is me. To be more precise, it’s a video I had done years ago for a mass communications class at MATC. I guess it was so unbelievably awesome that the teacher had decided to post it as the example for other students. I personally would disagree with its awesomeness, as I hate the sound of my own voice and feel my speech is nervous and forced.

The video itself is not a big deal, as it doesn’t reveal any private secrets of my personal life. It was just unexpected. I had no idea there was video evidence of my existence on the web. It’s a bit unsettling. Something I had done purely for a grade is now available to the whole world. Not many will watch it, I know, but still. It’s a little like having a paper you did for a class posted on the internet for everyone to see. Not good.


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