Google me

I had never actually Googled myself in the past and I was half surprised and half not surprised with what I found. The search turned up 5,690,000 results and the first result surprised me. The first result after googling Lindsey Donovan was for Lindsey Donovan photography from Vancouver. I looked at some of the pictures from Lindsey Donovan photography and they were actually really good.

The rest of the results were pretty much expected, my Twitter and Facebook accounts came up. I saw a couple results for Linkedin but that could not have been mine because I do not have a Linked in account. Since my results were somewhat boring, I then chose to search for “Lindsey Donovan, MN” because I am from Minnesota. The results then brought up articles about Minnesota Vikings player, Donovan McNabb and Lindsay Lohan. Though these were a little more entertaining they had nothing to do with me. Overall, I did not find anything out of the norm.


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