My Name Twin

I Googled “Arielle Lever” and about 5,400,000 results were found. The first result was a Facebook page for Arielle Lever. I was excited to click on it and be brought to my page, but just my luck it was another Arielle Lever. There were also a few articles on and a LinkedIn for my name twin. There were two results for me on the first page of Google, first my twitter and second a search service. So, instead of searching through Google to find anything about me I decided to learn about my name twin. Some things I found at first glance is she is from New York City, she graduated from Syracuse, she majored in Acting, and was Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank.” I decided to read an article about her from “iNSIDER Baltimore Jewish Lifestyles” and realized we have more in common then just our names.

Here is the article:

I was actually a little freaked out. First, we are both from New York. Second, she went to Syracuse and both my parents went to Syracuse. Third, which is probably the most frightening, Rochelle Eisenberg wrote the article I posted above. This brings our creepy twin thing to a new level because my mom works in the New Rochelle school district and her maiden name is Eisenberg. I was able to figure out so much about her life and all of our similarities after only viewing her Facebook page and reading one article about her. All of this got me thinking about how easy it was for me to gather information about a complete stranger and in turn how easy it would be for someone to gather information about me. I think privacy is an issue on the Internet and this proves to me that there needs to be more restrictions.


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