Words With Friends

Something I realized I have not yet blogged about is the four buttons that you can use when Playing Words with Friends. At the bottom right there are four options of buttons. You can either pass, shuffle, swap or resign. (insert picture). When you press the pass button, this means that you can skip your turn but you will not gain any points from this. The only time I have used this was towards the end of a game where I could not find a word to play with the little letters I had left. The pass button changes into a play button when you place a tile onto the game board in order to play the word you have made. (picture) The shuffle button shuffles the letter tiles to help you maybe think of some new words. Just like the pass button, the shuffle button also changes depending on where you place your tile letters. When you place a tile onto the game board, it changes into recall. When you push the recall button it places all the tiles back into their original placements on your letter line. The swap button lets you choose to swap any letter tile for new tiles. You could swap as many tiles as you desire. I have used this button when I only have vowels or only have consonants in order to get new tiles. To the left is a picture of how you can swap tiles. The upper tile line is the letter tiles you want to swap out for new tiles and the bottom tile line is the letters you want to keep. The last button is the resign button. You can only use this button when it is your turn to play a word. If you press the resign button, you basically forfeit the game and the other player wins. I have used this button when I have too many games going at once and therefore I resign from some to discontinue playing them. I have recently resigned a few random players because I have had way too many games going at once. I am now playing 15 games at one time and do not want to play anymore until I finish these few games.

These buttons are crucial in order to play this game best. When I was a newbie, I did not know you could swap tiles or pass your turn so I would just resign when I did not have a word to play. I later learned from one of my friends that I do not need to resign when I do not have a word to play, I can just swap my tiles or pass my turn. He actually informed me about this over the Words with Friends chat option. Another social aspect is how people who are good at Words with Friends like helping newcomers out by telling them the essential buttons, such as those 4, and/or giving them some tips on how to play. Recently one of my friends started playing, and I got to be the one to tell her about the button options and show her some tricks to getting more points with different letter placements. Words with Friends is not only a trending game but also a trending topic among friends and people. Like I have said previously about Words with Friends, people start conversations and have conversations about this game and their involvement in it.


One Comment on “Words With Friends”

  1. lilyd21 says:

    I like your posts on Words With Friends. I do not have an iPhone or iPad so i have never played my own games of words with friends. I have helped my friends when they cant come up with words but have never been involved in the game myself. I think this post on the different buttons is helpful especially for someone who jsut dabbles in the game and isnt an avid user. I do however dont like how users can swap tiles, i think its cheating. I would be interested to hear about you playing a game without swapping any of your tiles.

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