So when I Googled myself, I predicted what would come up and I was right. About 2 years ago there was a girl named Emily Hawley that during her college Valedictorian speech, proposed to her boyfriend. It was all over the news and the internet. I had some distant family members that thought that it was me and called my parents. Alas, I am neither Valedictorian nor engaged…sorry Aunt Mary. Anyway, here’s the link to the first article that pops up.–_at_gra.html

Other than that there are a few things, like my Google+ and LinkedIn profiles that come up. Also some water polo stuff comes up but not unless you go a bunch of pages into the search. Turns out I’m not quite as news worthy as the smarty pants from Centenary College.


One Comment on “Self-Googling”

  1. I had a similar experience. There seems to be another Arielle Lever who is stealing my Google spot light. I guess I am not as talented as she is or as news worthy. I guess I need to do something extraordinary to outshine her.

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