When I google Lily Donnellon I find a few things related to the real me. The first is my LinkedIn profile. The next is a blog i had to do for a previous class as well as my facebook profile. The second link that shows up when googling ‘Lily Donnellon’ is about me as well. A few years ago there was a delivery service that got busted for delivering alcohol to underage students. They had to make a police report of every delivery and my name is on there. That is not really something to be proud of and be the 2nd thing to come up when googling myself. The next link is a picture of me at a Lakers game which is cool. There is also a link about someone following me on twitter as well as a list of people who graduated from my high school. The first link on the next page is this blog! Those are really the only things that are related to me on google. The rest of the search results refer to a number of other people with the last name Donnellon, but arent anyone i know of. On the 3rd page there is a facebook link of someone who made a group because they had lost their phones and needed phone numbers. So my name and number comes up there which is a little creepy to me. Besides that majority of things that show up when you google my name are things I was aware of making public. Like my twitter, facebook, linkedin and blogs. However the state of Madison police report is something i unfortunately cannot remove. Also picture I have on those profiles come up when you google image my name, which im not so comfortable with.


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