Google: Dana Barber

When I googled myself the first link that showed up was someone who had my name and had a LinkedIn account. I know this is not me due to the fact I have not created a LinkedIn account but that was the first link that appeared when googling the name Dana Barber. The next link was my google+ account that my friend set up for me. It shows how I have not filled out my profile or shared anything yet on google+. The link that followed my google+ account was my twitter account. This worried me a bit because I did not know my twitter account could show up when you googled my name. However, since my twitter account is private, no one could see any of my information unless I previously had accepted them to follow me on twitter. The next link was where you could search a state where they claimed they found someone with the name Dana Barber. I clicked on the state I was from and none of the “Dana Barbers’” were me or gave any information as to where I live. When I clicked on the google images (still searching my name), all of them showed white older women; none of them were me. This makes me feel al little more safe about the internet. I have always thuoght that having a facebook account or twitter account was a way people could find me on the internet. Not even my facebook came up when I google my name, which comforts me. I always stressed about making sure that my Facebook did not have any private information I did not want anyone random knowing. I even set my Facebook privacy settings so that no one random can search me but I never thought it was 100% true. This searched proved that the internet is much safer than I imagine. Although I came up twice on the google search of my name, Dana Barber, it was not as unsafe as I thought it would be. It did not release any personal information of mine that I would not want someone random knowing.


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