“Deep Play” – Notes on WoW Professions

Hey All, so I have four weeks till my presentation, which means I will have to post once per week for the next four weeks – I’ll try to make these last four posts as interesting as possible, but no guarantees, haha.

This week I’ll be discussing the depth of identity a player can experience in WoW. Hopefully I’m not being too vague or unclear about my progress of playing WoW; it’s like describing a game experience with the realistic depth of Second Life but contains elements of the fantasy genre, which is partially what this post is about.

Anyway, this post is about professions in WoW, yes professions, as in jobs or careers within the world of Azeroth.  Any avatar can assume up to two apprenticeships and eventually establish a career. Examples include: engineering, alchemy, calligraphy, and blacksmithing. To see the full list, feel free to check out this link. Professions offer different perks for players, and it is advantageous for players of certain classes (warrior, priest, warlock, etc) to choose a profession that augments their gaming experience. For example, it would be more useful for a warrior to be a blacksmith and miner; collecting copper from being a miner gives them the resources to make a new sword with their blacksmithing skills.

Practicing a profession involves gathering or buying resources. If a player is a miner, he/she must venture out into wild for raw copper, such as here:

As a warlock, my professions are alchemy and herbalism, which are complementary to each other. As an alchemist, my avatar has knowledge to make health or poison potions, and my herbalism skills allow me to identify the wild herbs I need to gather to brew such potions.

As you can see, certain professions are beneficial to class types, but a player can choose any profession based on their preferences or interests.  Professions in WoW add the extra depth that keeps players playing – it’s part of the addictive atmosphere that makes a player truly feel important in Azeroth. Thanks for reading!

(if anyone knows what the title of my post alludes to, feel free to comment!)


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