Who I Am On Google

I wasn’t terribly surprised by any of what I found after googling myself. Most of the links on the first page were to various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Year Book, myspace, etc of various girls named kayla and/or kayla dietz. The only one of these links that was actually something related to me was my myspace profile from middle/high school and I guess I’m not surprised that you can find that since I was likely not as cautious about privacy as I am now, then. I was actually sort of amazed that my Facebook profile didn’t come up, because even though I have some restrictions I don’t have it as being set to the most private possible, but then again I’m not sure how all of that works either.
Pretty much all of the pictures were ones of random girls, there was only one of me (which was again linked from my myspace, not sure why the others I had on there aren’t?). Also really strange, there was a photo of a kid I knew in high school that was a distant friend through my boyfriend and his picture was on there…sort of creepy.
There  was also a link on the main google page to a youtube video of a different kayla dietz who took part in a rugged maniac race…not sure what that is at all and looks like not too many other people have viewed it either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL63H3oh2YA .


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