Results for Self-Googling

When I google “Eddie Rath” all of the pages are hits for a rapper with the same name as me, “Eddie Rath” who raps and produces music for manga and anime cartoons. I scrolled through the first 50 pages, and all of the hits were links to the rapper Eddie Rath’s biography, images, or music selections. I assume the hits for the rapper Eddie Rath eventually taper off…but the fact that I can’t find an end to his pages must mean he’s popular…more popular than me anyway, because I cannot find ANY pages to me. Here’s a pic of Eddie Rath the rapper (again, no relation to me):

When I google “Edward Rath” (my full name) the first six hits are links to Edward Rath the republican legislator of Amherst, New York. Of all the Edward Rath’s out there on the internet, I guess the politician gets the top hits.

Amazingly, the next 3 hits are links to my profile for my place of work, my google+ account page, and my LinkedIn page.

What surprises me is that my Facebook page does not come up at all even my google+ and LinkedIn pages are among the top hits.  Does this reflect data prioritization as we discussed in Thursday’s lecture?

What also interests me is why no other Edward Rath profile pages to google+ or Linked in don’t pop up even in the first 50 pages. There has to be more than one Edward Rath on LinkedIn or google+…unless my name is that unique…but I really doubt that. Can google know that I am searching for myself?




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