Google Me

When typing my name into Google’s web search engine, the first three links I came across were, of course, links to my Facebook profile and wall pages. Other links include links to my Blogger account (upon which can be found two blogs I’ve written for a class last semester), to a PDF of the 2010 Wisconsin Young Women’s Agenda – UW-Madison Chapter (in which I participated and am, therefore, recognized as one of many authors), as well as several links to sites, such as hi5, MyLife, and, that promise to provide my contact information, background report, and public records if users pay a fee. I’m skeptical, though, as to the extent of information these sites can actually provide paying users.  There’s also a link to a 2003 Lake Geneva local newspaper in which I am listed on my Junior High’s honor roll.

When typing my name into Google’s image search engine, I stumbled upon three pictures of myself – two of which are the same picture, all of which have been, at one time, my Facebook profile picture. In addition to many random photographs, most of the photographs I discovered where pictures of the Desperate Housewives’ character who is also named Bree.

There are no videos of me anywhere online, and, as I haven’t posted any, I’m both happy and relieved about this.


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