Words With Friends Progression

As my game playing is progressing so my ability to win games of Words with Friends. I have become increasingly better at Words With Friends and now am very competitive with it. I talk to my opponents and learn from each of them. If I see an unusual word that was used in a smart way, I try to remember it to use it in one of my other games.I am currently involved in 10 games that have been on going. Two of the ten are random people, six of the ten were people that I started a game using their Username and the last two found me on facebook and asked me to play.

There are many different ways to connect with people and ask to play them in Word with Friends (look at picture to the right). You are able to choose to play a game with facebook friends, random opponent, username, contact list and press and play. Facebook Friends allows you to see who is playing Words with Friends through Facebook.Random opponent assigns you to a game with someone else random. Username allows you to find someone according to their username they use in the game center. You can play people by inviting through your contact list, but this will send them a text and then allow them to play you. You can also start a game with someone next to you and “pass and play” this game of Words with Friends with them.

The main purpose of this game is to connect and play this game in a social aspect. It has become a almost like BBM use to be; “Oh you play Words with Friends, add me or add my best friends, she/he is really good.” When I am out at night, random people will be like “add me on words with friends.” It can be a conversation starter, where people will be like “I am so good, I bet I will beat you.” That is how it is played into a social aspect of gaming networks. If we were not connected to the internet none of this would be able to happen. The fact that this is connected to the internet and can be accessed from many different devices adds even more to the social aspects.

My Progress of beating people or losing to people:

Another funny conversation using Words With Friends:

Connecting through Facebook:


One Comment on “Words With Friends Progression”

  1. Eddie Rath says:

    Nice post! I play Words with Friends occasionally, and I usually play against random opponents because the chat is so much fun just as you mention in this post. I prefer random opponents to my actual friends because it’s often more interesting to start a conversation with a random opponent. The topics for chatting with a random opponent are more casual and much funnier than the ones I have with my friends because we get so serious and competitive. Nice screen shots!

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