Senior-Site, the polite Senior Citizen Chat Room

For my post before my presentation i decided to head back to This is where i first found Senior Citizens willing to answer my questions. On other sites I was basically treated like an old creepy man. Today I decided to chat with the user, linders. She welcomed me into the chat and rememberd I was a student and offered to help. She is 67 and told me she needed to use the internet for a job a few years ago and found it very quick and easy to pick up on. She told me that she originally had a facebook account but found it very scary when random people would add her so decided to get rid of it. She did however enjoy using it to stay in touch with family. She said she typically uses mapquest and does research on the internet. She told me her favorite thing is to send Ecards to her friends because theyre cute, easy and have music.

She told me that typically people attend meet ups to meet men. She explained to me that she is widowed and enjoys coming on the chat to make friends and stay busy. She felt very comfortable sharing her personal information with me which i have found to be typical of senior citizens in these chat rooms. She seemed to be  a percentage of seniors who seem very comfortable using the Internet and she seemed almost offended when i asked her if learning everything was difficult. I actually really enjoyed chatting with her and learning about her uses of the internet. All of the seniors i spoke to loved bragging about their families and she was one of those. I decided to also check out some discussion forums at senior living magazine. I thought this was very cool. They had one called ‘book club,’ where people could write comments, questions or recommendations about books and the other users would come in and discuss their reactions.They also had other forums about health care and illness and they all seemed to be very actively posted in.

In preparation for my presentation to-morrow I wanted to ask the class what they think entails a ‘”normal internet user.” Is it between specific ages or do they have to use the internet for specific reasons? Also how does the rest of the class expect senior citizens to use the internet. For example how often or for what purpose?


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  1. danabarber says:

    This was a very interesting presentation that surprised me. I never realized there was a senior citizen community online and how advanced senior citizens can be with the internet. My stereotype of senior citizens is that they are technologically challenged. I know that both my grandparents can only use a typical cell phone to make phone calls and would never be able to navigate the internet to find chats to engage in. It is surprising how much information is said in these chats full of strangers but it is nice to know that this is their comfort community.
    Lily asks us what we think is a normal internet user. I would have to say normal internet users start at the age of 17 when most people start to apply for college. I think that there is no age limit with normal internet users but because we grew up with the development of the internet and past generation did not, I believe there is a participation gap with many over the age of sixty. If people know a lot about the internet passed age sixty, I believe they have been using the internet for specific reasons that lead them to enhance their knowledge about the internet.

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