Twitter iPhone App

I’ve found that I really love the Twitter app on my iphone. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use on my smartphone. All you have to do is provide your username and password and then it automatically shows you the real-time news feed ticker. In order to refresh the twitter feed on my iphone, I simply have to slide the news feed down via the touch screen. Twitter on a smartphone basically works the same as it does on a computer, except that it is a smaller and more simple version. You definitely need to be familiar with the twitter lingo and processes, however. The “@” symbol at the bottom of the screen allows you to see if anyone has tweeted at your or mentioned you in their tweets. Similarly, you can see if you have any direct messages through an envelope symbol, and there is also a convenient search engine that you can use to find a topic or name throughout the entire site.

Tweeting on the app is just as easy. By clicking the icon in the upper right-hand corner, it brings you to a page that allows you to add a new post. Again, it is extremely unfussy and clear. When twitter is used on a computer, you add a tweet at the top of the news feed, whereas this separates it as its own entity. Still it allows you to do all the same things as the online site does, including tweeting at other people, using hashtags, attaching images and providing a location. It also conveniently shows you how many characters of the 140 that you are using, so you can make sure that it doesn’t go over the limitation.

When attaching an image or video, you can choose from one already on your phone or you can take one while you’re on the go. I think this is very convenient because often times you take a picture on your smartphone and then want to share it on twitter, and the only way to do that online is to email it to yourself and then post it from your computer. With the app, you can post the attachment straight from your phone which is a much better alternative. I will definitely be utilizing this more to tweet and not just to keep up with my newsfeed. 






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