Gaming Networked: Words With Friends

My game play has progressed drastically in Words With Friends. I have started to truly enjoy this game and start beating a lot of my opponents. I am no longer a newbie and consider myself as a competitive advanced player now. Not only is it a game of scrabble but it makes you really think. I will sit there stumped on a word and feel so good about figuring out one that works. I truly have become engaged in this game play as well as using the social aspect of it. I have found a new feature that is the “chat” option. This is a chat box that appears when you click in the upper right hand corner of the screen for the Iphone but is different for each device. I have yet to look at any other device but I plan to look soon in order to figure out where if the chat button is placed in a different spot or not. This feature has given me the ability to keep up with some of my friends I had not talked to in a while. My old camp friend asked to play me from facebook and we started to catch up in the chat section. Also if I am playing someone and do not have their number it gives me the ability to connect with them in another way but facebook. It is easier for me to “chat” on Words With Friends while I’m playing than switch to a text message and talk to someone. Therefore I have recently been talking more with my boyfriend as well in this chat feature. This an example of how networked game that has a social aspect. There is an actual chat options; therefore anyone using this game on facebook, iphone, ipad or any other device that has this app (see pictures to the right)

I have also begun to play random opponents to increase my skill level and see how others play. They have extremely interesting names one is “Omgmclizzie” and the other is “JESSYJAMESBITCH”. Something I realized is that I have not chatted with any of the random opponents I have played with and do not think I will. This is a feature meant for people who know each other I think.

Another feature I realized is you can decline an invitation if you want. You do not need to accept anyone that asks you to play.  This is a good thing that one can accept or decline whoever they want. This creates some sort of safety feature and gives you the will to chose who you play or not.

Random Game: My Game improvement (winning): Declining an invitation:


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