Foursquare Check-in or Facebook Place?

A year ago, Facebook started Place status update service. You can check into the place where you are as a status update.

Facebook Place is

and Foursquare is…





Both of them are services basically telling people where you are. It seems to me that Facebook is asking “Why use foursquare when you can just simply use facebook place? why log in to another service?”

Well, that’s basically how I thought when I started this practicum project.

Foursquare is like a game. It’s a bit more interesting and engaging. I check-in, I earn points, get badges, get special deals and possibly become a mayor for a place. Facebook Place is, however, just a way of updating one’s status. “Hey I am here!” By using Foursquare, you can play the check-in game(?), and also make it as a facebook status update and new tweet if you connect them. It can carry out all three functions.

By using Facebook Place you can tell way too much information about yourself to business owners. Because whatever you have made public on facebook will be accessible to the store owner.

Some people make distinction between facebook friends and foursquare friends. I only accept facebook friendship request only if I have spoken to the person more than certain amount of time. Currently I don’t have foursquare friends but I just put everything visible to public, and I only check in when I feel safe to let people know where I am. I don’t want to bother my facebook friends by updating my location. It seems a bit bombastic to do so. But people on Foursquare don’t mind knowing my location. One of my friend only have foursquare friends whom she feels comfortable letting her locative information and make her check-ins visible to her foursquare friends. She makes facebook friends with everyone who friend requests her. So she uses Fouesquare but not Facebook Place. She doesn’t know her facebook friends well enough to share her location with.

What would you use? Foursquare or Facebook?

This is a Foursquare Parody video. quite interesting… so thought I would share.


2 Comments on “Foursquare Check-in or Facebook Place?”

  1. danabarber says:

    I have always wondered why people would check in with Foursquare rather than Facebook too. You make a good point about “I don’t want to bother my facebook friends by updating my location. It seems a bit bombastic to do so.” I agree with this statement and the fact that it is more like a status up. I actually had an experience last night where I was out with someone and she “checked into” the place we were at with all of us and it popped up on my Facebook. I did not like that this was on my facebook so deleted it but realized that it is still associated with the place we were out publicly. Foursquare seems like a better website checking in places and also is nice that you wouldn’t be able to tag people who do not have it. For example if the girl last night checked in, it would not appear on any of my homepages and I would not know of it. This is a better and safer website that makes people who do not use the check in feature to feel safer.

    • bugjun says:

      Agreed but it still reveals important privacy leak. but i think people who use it are aware of the fact that they are telling public where they are. I am trying to put out blog post on Foursquare and Privacy so yeah! if this post interested you, 🙂 please wait for my future one

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