What Pinterests You?

The topic of my practicum project was media-based social networking. When I got this topic I  immediately knew which site I wanted to base my research and analysis on, Pinterest. Pinterest is a social networking site that uses visual bookmarking, allowing users to create personal boards that categorizes their interests. Unlike other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest requires an invitation to join which adds the aspect of exclusivity to the web site. The main point of Pinterest is to find photos on the internet of people, places, things, projects, animals, etc. and “Pin” them to different boards. The boards allow you to categorize  the photos, this allows people who follow you to know what kinds of things you are interested in. Your friends and well as random people can follow your board and these people are referred to as “followers.”

The first image is of my Pinterest account, the second is my friends who is an avid Pinterest user. As you can see above my page does not have many boards because I am new to the site. My boards are titled, “Style me”, “I Love to Cook and Eat”, “Puppy Love” and “Halloween.” These boards let my followers know what my interests and what makes up my identity. For example, what I think my page says about me is that I love Halloween, cooking, and animals, also my “style me” board shows what type of clothing I like. Pinterest is an example of an asynchronous site, you do not need to be online in order to receive a comment or message. You are able to stay connected with friends by sharing images you find and “pin” to your boards or if you find a user that shares the same interests as you, you can connect with them through your shared interests. Similar to Twitter, on Pinterest you can also “re-pin” what people share. This allows you to re-circulate something you may like that is already out in the public, and by re-pinning it you can now share it with your personal followers.  Ultimately Pinterest is the best site for compartimentalizing and categorizing your interests. As humans we always are trying to label or categorize ourselves in order to better understand things, do you think a site like Pinterest accurately portrays your identity? Why or Why not?



2 Comments on “What Pinterests You?”

  1. kaylandietz says:

    just wanted to let you know that your presentation today got me totally hooked on pinterest. i found out some of my friends that had it and made them send me a request and i am already obsessed. this is such a cool website!

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